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About Us

Founded in 1996, SERDIM has continued to develop a strong expertise in Systems Engineering and Consulting Services for six (6) different industries, namely :
  1. Aerospace
  2. Mass Transit
  3. Energy
  4. Industrial
  5. Port Facilities
  6. Environment
Our core business permitted entry into the field of machine design and process engineering, providing to our customers with state-of-the-art turnkey solutions. Several cutting-edge technologies were designed, developed and deployed around the world helping our customers enhancing productivity, reducing cost and increasing profitability while delivering tailored safe and reliable solutions for the employees and the environment.

Our Mission

Deliver ahead of time and bellow budget reliable, affordable, profitable ergonomically designed sustainable safe projects. The key to our success lies within our unique ability to collect data, perform analyses and determine solutions that will increase overall productivity. We are committed to helping our clients to reach and surpassing their objectives, efficiently and effectively.

Our Values


Our vision is to leverage on our competencies and wide gained experience globally to create synergies in our industries and enable new highly profitable sustainable opportunities be materialized, centered around our core business by maintaining number one position in anything we do.